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Hello travelers, we’re Summer (she/her) and Bill (he/him). We love to travel with our kids and dogs, and sometimes write about it here. Most of our travels are spent on the road checking out national parks and avoiding tourist traps. If you are interested in slow travel, outdoor adventures, and eco-friendly living we just might have something for you.

Summer and Bill are amateur outdoor adventure bloggers with a passion for family-focused exploration. Our blog is a celebration of our love for camping, hiking, and travel. We aim to inspire families to discover the great outdoors together the way that we do.

Our journey into blogging started as a simple desire to share our outdoor adventures. We have both been spending time outdoors and traveling most of our lives. It’s something that we have a passion for, something we know, and something we want to share with everyone.

Our small blog is now growing into a resource where readers can find beginner guides on camping and hiking, expert travel hacks, and eco-friendly travel tips. Our content is intended to be accessible and engaging, encouraging families to embrace the beauty of the world around them. We write about a wide range of experiences, from camping under starlit skies to adventurous hikes through lush trails.

We also focus on the importance of sustainable and responsible travel. As lovers of nature, we emphasize the need to preserve the beauty we enjoy for future generations. Our blog features eco-friendly travel tips and guides on how to minimize one’s environmental footprint while exploring the outdoors.

We believe the great outdoors is an incredible classroom, and we aim to be a resource and inspiration for families looking to explore it. Whether you’re planning your first camping trip or seeking new hiking trails, we’re here to guide you.

Join us as we traverse mountains, forests, and beyond, sharing stories, tips, and inspiration. Let’s embark on a journey of discovery and adventure, fostering a love for the outdoors in every family.

About Our Values

We grew up in the Midwest so family, friends, and community are very important to us. So are honesty, integrity, taking care of each other, and protecting the environment. Hopefully, that comes through in our writing. One of the things we are super passionate about is the Leave No Trace Philosophy. If you only read one thing on our blog, read that.

Meet Our Best Boy and Mascot!

This is our boy Drax (named after the Superhero). He is our bestest travel companion and he absolutely loves road trips and playing outside. He is an Australian Shepherd, Boxer, and Pitbull mix. As you can see he loves wearing clothes. If you follow us on Twitter or Instagram you will be seeing a lot more of Drax.

Contact Us

You can reach us by email at We will do our best to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. We don’t get a lot of non-spam emails so we may not check them as often as we should. If you need a faster response send us a DM to @Adventureites on Twitter.

Working With Us

We are open to collaborations with brands and fellow bloggers if the fit is right. We are still new but we are highly motivated to make our site one of the best. If you feel like working with us hit us up on email or Twitter to discuss.

We are open to accepting sponsored posts provided the product or service is a fit. If we choose to work together know that we will follow all relevant laws and guidelines about disclosure and will mark all links as sponsored. In addition, those posts are subject to removal in the event that our relationship is no longer a mutual benefit.

Guest Posts

We are open to accepting guest posts from other travel bloggers. Of course, the post must be well-written with a unique outlook or story for our readers. We feel that hosting generic, or poorly written content does not serve our readers, you, or ourselves. Feel free to reach out with pitches but please don’t send anything without prior approval.

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