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Travel Blog Posts

Ready to explore the world? Our travel posts have everything you need to plan the ultimate adventure, from insider tips on the best destinations to recommendations for the best gear.

Embark on a transformative journey as we unravel the essence of slow travel. Beyond a mere movement, it's a mindful lifestyle, redefining the way we explore the world. In this exploration, we delve into the philosophy of slow travel—where the journey becomes as significant as the destination.

There is no denying that road trips are an amazing opportunity to bond with your children and a great way to do that is by playing great games. We have listed 13 of our favorites for you to try. Some of them are classics but a couple are probably new to you, and we have tried them all with our children over the years.

We visited Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge and were blown away by the diverse wildlife. If you are a birder, or just looking for a great place to hike and enjoy nature this little spot near Roswell New Mexico you will love it here.

Looking for a spooky adventure? Our guide to the best ghost tours in America has got you covered. From haunted hotels to eerie cemeteries, we highlight the most bone-chilling tours and destinations across the country. Whether you're a skeptic or a believer, our guide is the ultimate resource for ghost tours in America

Tucked away in south-central New Mexico is a the Salina Pueblo Missions National Monument. We recently explored one of the sites, the Abó Ruins, and it was amazing. Let us show you what we found and help you plan your own visit.

Looking for a sustainable way to explore the world and make a positive impact on the environment? Ecotourism might just be the perfect solution! We offer an in-depth exploration of what ecotourism is and the ten key benefits it provides, from supporting local communities to promoting conservation efforts. Discover how ecotourism can help preserve natural habitats and cultural heritage while providing unforgettable travel experiences.

Travel the world while minimizing your environmental impact with our easy-to-implement eco-friendly travel tips. Our expert guide features simple yet effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint, protect natural habitats, and support sustainable tourism practices. From choosing eco-conscious accommodations to packing smart and reducing plastic waste, our practical tips will help you travel more responsibly without sacrificing comfort or convenience.