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2024 First Day Hikes And Events In New Mexico

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First Day Hikes offer a unique opportunity to kick off the new year with a healthy, invigorating start. These hikes, held on January 1st each year in many locations around the world, invite individuals and families to step into nature and embrace the beauty and tranquility it offers. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a beginner looking to take your first steps on a trail, First Day Hikes provide a welcoming and inclusive environment to set positive intentions for the year ahead.

As you join a community of outdoor enthusiasts, you’ll find that these hikes aren’t just about physical exercise; they’re a celebration of the great outdoors and the sense of connection and rejuvenation that nature provides. With trails of varying difficulty and scenery, there’s something for everyone, from serene walks in wooded areas to more challenging treks up hills and mountains.

First Day Hikes In Last Years News

New Mexico welcoming hikers for 'First Day Hike'

Why Join A First Day Hike?

In addition to the physical benefits, First Day Hikes are a perfect way to disconnect from the digital world and connect with the environment and those around you. They encourage reflection, goal setting, and appreciation for the natural world. As you walk, you’ll find opportunities to observe local wildlife, admire stunning landscapes, and maybe even learn something new about the area’s natural history.

First Day Hikes are more than just a walk in the park; they’re a step towards a healthier, more mindful, and adventurous year. So lace up your hiking boots, gather your friends and family, and start your year with an adventure that leaves you feeling refreshed and inspired. Welcome to the trail – your journey begins here!

What You Need To Know Before Showing Up

The most important thing to know is to come prepared for the hike that you are going on, and the weather you will experience. Most first day hikes are very beginner friendly but check the details. The official calendar of events for New Mexico is here and it includes details about the hike. If you are a newer hiker you might want to check out our posts on fall hiking safety and what to wear to stay warm.

Other than that wear comfortable footwear and a bring positive attitude! You will have plenty of experienced hikers and a wonderful guide in case you have any questions or problems. First day hikes are a great way to get into hiking and make friends with the same interest. We have enjoyed every one we go on.

Map of First Day Hikes in New Mexico

The events on this map were all pulled from the official calendar of events and we recommend checking the official listing for last minute changes. We are only duplicating it here to place it on a map to make it easier for people like us who aren’t New Mexico natives.

List of Events and Hikes

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