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11 Great Podcasts about Camping and the Outdoors for 2023

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We listen to A lot of podcasts in this house so we are always looking for new ones, especially ones about our favorite topics. Sadly finding good outdoor focused podcasts isn’t always very easy. Many of the so-called top lists include shows that are either discontinued, aren’t actually focued on outdoor topics, or don’t align with our values. So to save everyone some time and frustration we are going to maintain a list of our personal favorite podcasts here.

We will keep this page updated so go ahead and bookmark it. All the changes will be placed at the bottom of the page to make it easy to see what has changed. If you have a favorite podcast that you would like to see included please contact us.

A racoon listening to podcasts in the woods

Backpacking Light Podcast

Backpacking Light Podcast

This podcast, by Ryan Jordan, began in 2018 and is still going strong. The focus is on everything about backpacking and wilderness travel. Besides the podcast, we recommend checking out their forums which are very active and helpful.

Happy Camper Radio

Happy Camper Radio logo

Hosted by Skip and Daniel, this is a family-friendly podcast that focuses on promoting family unity through camping. They started back in 2013 and are one of the longest-running shows on this list. No list of camping podcasts would be complete without them.

Humane Nature

The Trail Ahead podcast logo

Great bi-weekly podcast that discusses the good, bad, and ugly of animal tourism around the world. The host, Stacia, does a great job of making each episode entertaining and educational. If you care about ethical animal tourism we highly recommend checking it out.

Outside Podcast

Outside podcast logo

This podcasts has been around since 2016 and delivers the same amazing storytelling you are used to from Outside magazine. It is exciting, informative, and entertaining and we highly recommend it.


Outside In podcast logo

The New Hampshire Public Radio produces this weekly show which has been around since 2017. They cover a lot of different topics but they focus on environmental issues and the natural world.

She Explores

She Explores podcast logo

One of our favorite podcasts. She Explores is an inclusive exploration of the outdoors. They do an amazing job of amplifying voices and topics that are typically underrepresented. We can’t recommend this show enough.

The Enormocast

The Enormocast logo

Like the mountain bike podcast above we aren’t into mountain climbing at all. In fact, we both strongly prefer having both feet on the ground at all times. However, this podcast is entertaining and interesting so we recommend giving this a chance. If you happen to be into climbing you should absolutely check it out if you aren’t already a listener.

The Trail Ahead Podcast

The Trail Ahead podcast logo

An amazing podcast by Faith E. Briggs and Addie Thompson, where they delve into thought-provoking discussions that intersect race, environment, history, and culture. With a diverse array of guests, including thought leaders, athletes, activists, artists, scientists, comedians, and everyday individuals, this podcast promises to bring a fresh and unique perspective to the outdoors.

Tough Girl Podcast

Tough Girl Podcast logo

The Tough Girl Podcast is an inspirational look at female role models who do amazing things. While Sarah Williams’s goal is to motivate girls and women, our whole family find the stories inspirational. Highly recommend checking it out.

The Trail Show

The Trail Show logo

This podcast is a fun mix of comedy, beer, and hiking and we highly recommend giving it a try. It has been around since 2012, making it the longest running monthly hiking podcast still active.

Wild Ideas Worth Living

Wild Ideas Worth Living logo

Another great interview podcast. Shelby Stanger interviews amazing people who have accomplished amazing things. Her most recent episode was an interview with Lisa Thompson on climbing K2. Such a great podcast.



We hope that you were able to find at least one podcast about camping and the outdoors that is perfect for you. We have our eyes on a few more that are probably still active, and deserve to be on the list, but haven’t had an episode for a while. When we see signs of life we will be adding them. Of course, we want to hear your favorites as well. Please either contact us or leave a comment below.

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