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Embrace Nature: Tips on How to Become More Outdoorsy

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Greetings, future nature enthusiasts! Are you looking for advice on how to become more outdoorsy? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with valuable tips and guidance on how to become more outdoorsy. Even if you’re a beginner or someone who prefers the comforts of indoor life we can help you out.

There are many reasons for wanting to enjoy the outdoors more. As you probably know spending time in nature has many benefits to our well-being, both physically and mentally. There are awe-inspiring landscapes, the calming sounds of nature, and all the great outdoor events. However, we understand that stepping outside, and enjoying the outside, doesn’t come easily for everyone.

But fear not! We will empower you with actionable advice and practical strategies to help you embrace nature. Or at the very least, start your journey to embracing nature. So, let’s dive into the fascinating world of outdoor exploration and embark on a journey into the outdoors.

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Key Takeaways:

Understanding the Outdoorsy Mindset

The “outdoorsy mindset” is all about loving and enjoying nature. Imagine you’re someone who likes being outside, exploring forests, and walking in the park. It’s not only about doing these activities, but also about feeling happy and peaceful while you’re doing them.

People with an outdoorsy mindset often feel a strong connection to nature. They love the fresh air, the sounds of birds, and the sight of trees and animals. They want to be outdoors as much as possible and think about it when they can’t. They are often curious about the environment and want to learn more about different plants and animals around them.

Being outdoorsy also means you care about conservation and protecting the environment. You might be someone who tries to keep nature clean by not littering, or maybe you help in planting trees or saving water. This mindset is about respecting and taking care of our planet.

So, if that sounds like you, congratulations you’ve got the outdoorsy mindset! If it doesn’t then don’t worry, the rest of this article is for you.

How to Become More Outdoorsy

In this section, we will provide practical tips and guidance on how to become more outdoorsy. No matter where you are on your journey to a more outdoors lifestyle these tips will help.

Start With Small Steps

Getting started on your journey to becoming more outdoorsy doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Start by taking small steps to incorporate more outdoor time into your daily life. Instead of staying inside during your lunch break, why not pack a picnic and enjoy a meal in a nearby park? Or take a short walk around your neighborhood to get some fresh air. These simple activities can gradually increase your comfort level by spending time outdoors.

Overcoming Indoor Comfort

For many of us, the comforts of indoor life can be hard to let go of. We can easily get used to the convenience and comfort of our indoor spaces. This can make it challenging to venture into the outdoors. Acknowledging and challenging this opens us up to begin our transition to people who love the outdoors. It’s about taking small steps consistently over time until we break our old habits.

To start exploring, you might need to step out of your comfort zone. That means doing things that might feel a bit challenging or different at first. Like swapping your game controller for a pair of hiking boots, or turning off the TV to go on a bike ride. It might seem tough to leave your cozy spot, but the adventures outside are totally worth it.

The outside world has so much to offer! You can find beautiful parks, mysterious forests, and maybe even some cool wildlife. When you’re outdoors, you get to see, hear, and feel things you can’t experience at home. The fresh air, the sound of leaves rustling in the wind, and the warm sun on your skin - these are things you can only enjoy outside.

Being outdoors also makes you stronger, both in your body and your mind. You get to exercise, which is great for your health. And you learn new things, like how to navigate a trail or identify different types of birds. It’s like a fun, live-action version of learning!

So, next time you’re feeling super comfortable inside, remember that a great adventure might be waiting for you outside. All you need to do is put on your shoes, open the door, and step out into the amazing world of nature. It’s a bit like going on a treasure hunt, where the treasure is all the fun and exciting experiences you’ll have!

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See Nature Through Children’s Eyes

If you have children or grandchildren, or perhaps young siblings, nieces, or nephews they are an amazing way to get more outdoorsy. Children have an innate curiosity and wonder about the world around them. They see the beauty in even the smallest natural wonders and are naturally inclined to explore and engage with nature. They can be fascinated by a tiny bug crawling on the ground, the shape of a cloud, or the way leaves rustle in the wind. When we watch them, we start to appreciate these little wonders too.

Being with children outside is also a great reminder to be curious and ask questions. Why is the sky blue? What makes the flowers grow? Kids ask lots of questions, and sometimes, we might not know the answers. But that’s okay! It’s a chance for us to learn together and be curious just like them.

Spending time with kids in nature isn’t just good for them; it’s great for us too! It helps us slow down, enjoy the simple things, and see the beauty of the world like we used to when we were kids. It’s like getting a chance to experience all the fun and wonder of nature all over again, through the bright and curious eyes of a child.

Go With Friends, Or Find New Outdoorsy Friends

The best way to overcome your own inertia when starting a new habit is to get the support of your friends. Actually sticking with your commitment is easier when another person is encouraging you. If your friends or family aren’t on board, or whatever, find a local group to join. Facebook is probably the best way to connect with local people so we would suggest starting there.

Find Outdoors Activities You Enjoy

Finding the perfect outdoor activity that you’ll love is like going on a treasure hunt—it’s all about exploring and discovering what sparks joy for you. Start by thinking about what makes you happiest. Do you like feeling the rush of adrenaline, or are you more about chilling and soaking in the beauty of nature?

If you’re not sure where to begin, try out different things to see what sticks. Local parks are great for a variety of activities, from peaceful walks to frisbee games. Check out community boards or websites for groups or clubs that get together for things like biking, kayaking, or birdwatching. You might find something you never even thought of trying!

Don’t forget to think outside the box. Activities like outdoor photography, stargazing, or even painting landscapes can be super rewarding. And remember, it’s not just about the activity itself, but also enjoying the fresh air and the beauty around you.

Chat with friends and family about what they enjoy doing outdoors too. Sometimes, the best adventures come from recommendations. Plus, doing things with others can make any activity more fun.

Lastly, keep an open mind and be willing to try new things. Maybe you’ve never thought of yourself as a hiker or a fisher, but you might just fall in love with it once you give it a shot. The great outdoors has something for everyone, and the fun part is finding what that is for you!

Introduce Outdoor Activities Into Your Regular Routine

Adding outdoor activities to your regular routine can be a game-changer for your mood and health, and it’s easier than you might think! Here’s how you can start weaving the magic of the outdoors into your everyday life:

  1. Start Small: If you’re not used to spending a lot of time outside, begin with just a few minutes a day. Take a short walk around your block or have your morning coffee outside. These small steps can make a big difference over time.

  2. Make It a Habit: Try to link your outdoor time with a daily activity. Maybe you can walk to work or school, take your lunch break in a nearby park, or play outside with your pet after dinner. When it becomes part of your routine, you’re more likely to stick with it.

  3. Plan Outdoor Weekends: Dedicate part of your weekend to being outside. It could be a morning hike, a day at the beach, or a bike ride through your neighborhood. Weekends are a great time to explore longer activities that you can’t fit into a weekday.

  4. Invite Friends or Family: Activities can be more fun when shared. Invite others to join you for a walk, a picnic, or even a casual game of soccer in the park. It’s a great way to catch up while enjoying the fresh air.

  5. Mix It Up: Keep things interesting by trying different activities. Rotate between walking, cycling, hiking, or any other outdoor hobby to keep your routine exciting. Exploring new parks or trails can also add variety to your outdoor adventures.

  6. Set Goals: Having something to aim for can motivate you to get outside more. Maybe you want to hit 10,000 steps a day, visit all the parks in your city, or learn a new outdoor skill like fishing or birdwatching. Goals give you a reason to keep going.

  7. Be Prepared: Make it easy to head out by keeping a “go bag” ready with essentials like sunscreen, a water bottle, and a hat. That way, you can grab it and go whenever the opportunity arises.

By making outdoor activities a regular part of your life, you’re not just getting fresh air and exercise; you’re also creating opportunities for relaxation and new adventures. It’s all about finding what works for you and enjoying the beauty of the world outside your door!

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Finding “Outdoorsy” Communities Online

In today’s world, we can find friends and groups for just about anything on the internet, even for outdoor activities! An “outdoorsy” community is a group of people who love nature and outdoor adventures, like hiking, camping, or bird-watching.

Remember, when joining these online communities, it’s important to be safe and respectful. Always be kind in your comments and careful about sharing personal information. But most of all, have fun exploring these communities, and learning new things. Maybe you will even make new friends who love the great outdoors and can help you become more outdoorsy. Let’s explore how you can find these communities online.

Social Media Communities

The first place we look for community nowadays is often social media. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are treasure troves, teeming with groups and pages crafted by nature enthusiasts. It’s like flipping through an endless photo album of Mother Nature’s finest moments, each snapshot a window to a new, wild world. You’ll stumble upon breathtaking vistas, unravel the mysteries of various outdoor escapades, and even snag insider advice on the coolest spots to explore.

Look for local communities with the same interests as you. They will often have meetups and events that are very welcoming for new people. These groups often have a lot of inside knowledge about the area and know the best places. When we moved to New Mexico we joined several of these groups and it really helped us make friends.


Forums and message boards are tried and true places to find comminity. Sites like Reddit have these special areas called ‘subreddits’ where you can get into all sorts of outdoor activities. It’s a cool place to ask questions, share tips, or even plan trips with people who are into the same stuff as you. I remember finding a subreddit about hiking and ended up planning a weekend trail hike with a few people I met there. So, if you’re looking to dive deeper into your outdoor hobbies, checking out these forums can be a great start.

We use Reddit a lot and can recommend the following subreddits as a starting point.


Don’t overlook the handy apps made just for outdoor buffs. Some apps let you keep track of your hikes, share your favorite paths, and even discover new trails close by. Many of these apps come with a community feature, letting you link up with fellow hikers and nature fans. Although we don’t rely on a ton of apps, the Seek app is one we really dig for getting to know the great outdoors. It’s like having a pocket-sized guide that helps you learn more about the nature around you.

We have a couple apps that we have used for a while and can recommend. We use Seek by iNaturalist for identifying plants and animals we find on our adventures. The app is easy to use and a lot of fun. We have had a lot of fun with it just walking around town. The other app we have used from time to time is the AllTrails app. It’s got a lot of nice features if you are looking to learn more about the hiking trails in an area.


We listen to a lot of podcasts about nature. If you enjoy podcasts than you should check out our list of our top 12 outdoors podcasts for 2024. We have tried dozens of others but those are the podcasts we keep coming back to.

Blogs and YouTube

Blogs and YouTube channels are also gold mines for connecting with outdoor communities. Lots of bloggers and YouTubers out there (like us!) love sharing their adventures and tips about everything outdoor-related. They’re great for picking up new ideas and you can even chat with other viewers in the comments who are into the same things. The key to finding stuff you’re into is to just start searching and exploring.

Before You Go …

Hopefully you are now further along in your journey to becoming a more outdoorsy person. We will be writing more on this topic and will add links as we do. In the mean time we would love it if you would check out our article on quotes for hikers and campers. We think that you will find something inspiring to help motivate you to get outdoors. Thanks so much for reading, we would love it if you could share this post with your friends. We look forward to seeing you on the trails soon!

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