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Eco-Friendly Travel Utensils: Reduce Waste and Go Green

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Do you love travel and also love sustainability? Or maybe you are looking for a way to reduce the impact of single-use plastics. If that’s you then this post is a must-read because we are diving into one of our favorite green life hacks. Reusable eco-friendly travel utensils.

Do you remember a few years ago when reusable straws became all the rage? This is like that but kicked up a few levels. We are going to go over why eco-friendly travel utensils are perfect, not just for travel, but for so many situations. We also go into our favorite brands, the best materials, the reasons why we are such strong believers and a few other tips. So let’s get started on our journey towards a greener lifestyle!

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Key Takeaways

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Greenzla 2-Pack Bamboo Utensils Set | With Bonus 2 Bamboo Toothbrushes | Natural Bamboo Straw, Spoon, Fork, Knife, Teaspoon, Chopsticks, Brush & 2 Storage Bags | Reusable Bamboo Cutlery set Get everything you need in one bundle. Our bamboo travel pack consists of wooden eating utensils and toothbrush, bamboo straw and cleaning brush. All in 2 washable fabric bags.

Our Favorite Brands of Eco-Friendly Travel Utensils

If you came here you are probably already on board with the growing need to cut back on single-use plastics. You are probably even up to speed on the benefits of carrying your own reusable travel utensils. If you aren’t, or would still like to learn more, we have all of that covered below. However, to respect your time we are going to just right into what you probably came here for. Our favorite brands of travel utensils.

Grove Collaborative

We have gotten almost all our sustainable household goods from Grove Collaborative for a long time and we are very happy with them. They are a scheduled delivery service which is perfect for us because we are always busy. We log in, pick what we need, and it just shows up at our door. For us, the most important thing is their dedication to sustainable sourcing and earth-friendly products. We recommend checking them out if you live in America. They don’t ship outside the lower 48 states, which we actually appreciate because overseas shipping is a major contributor to global warming.

Jungle Culture

Elevating your travel experience, Jungle Culture offers sustainable products crafted from organic materials. Their lightweight and durable products, complete with a handy carry case, are a perfect fit for travel, picnics, and everyday use. Embrace their eco-friendly cutlery and bamboo straws to reduce waste and go green on your adventures. Jungle Culture provides great products for the environmentally conscious traveler.


Bambu is dedicated to reducing the use of plastics and embracing a zero-waste culture. They offer a wide range of bamboo cutlery and reusable utensils. Lightweight and durable, they’re an ideal choice for travel and outdoor activities. Committed to sustainability, Bambu utilizes eco-friendly packaging materials, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers. Dishwasher-safe and easy to clean, these utensils are convenient for everyday use.

Zero Waste Store

Zero Waste Store doesn’t just sell utensils. Their entire range of products is designed to help you reduce waste in every facet of life. Once you visit this shop you will want to transform everything from hygiene items to household items, to reusable cutlery into a sustainable product. And they have everything you need to do it.

The Significance of Eco-Friendly Travel Utensils

Many people downplay the impact that we have individually on the planet. Surely they say, nothing one person can do will matter. Well, we reject this defeatist attitude and instead embrace the possibility that we can make a difference. And we aren’t alone. Millions of people are embracing sustainable living and making choices that help our environment. Simple things like trading out single-use plastics for sustainable travel utensils do matter. So let us get down from our soapbox to talk about how.

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TiTo Titanium Cutlery Set Titanium Spoon Spork Knife Chopsticks Straw Portable Lightweight Outdoor Flatware Extra Strong 3/4/5 Piece Straw 99.9% food grade titanium, these environment friendly set are not toxic, no after taste on them & they are also non-allergenic, odorless & flavorless. Their service life is much better than any disposable plastic, wooden and stainless steel cutlery set. Environmental protection, healthy, and reusable utensils.

Impact of Single-Use Utensils on the Environment

Each year, 40 BILLION pieces of plastic cutlery and straws end up in landfills and oceans. This poses a huge threat to wildlife and ecosystems. One of the easiest ways to help reduce that is by shifting to eco-friendly travel utensils. Clearly, travel utensils are great for travel, but you can also use them any time you use disposable plastic. Think about all the birthday parties, cookouts, potlucks, picnics, and so on that you go to each year. This one little change can cut out all that plastic waste.

Health Risks of Plastic Utensils

More than that, the benefits of eco-friendly travel utensils extend beyond the environment. There are also health benefits to making the switch. Plastic utensils often contain harmful chemicals that can leach into food, especially under heat. Eco-friendly materials are free of those toxins. We think this alone is a good enough reason to switch from plastic to sustainable.

The Outlook Change From Switching To Eco-Friendly Alternatives

There is also a mindset shift that comes from adding sustainability into everyday practices. By making these practices part of our lives we become more conscious of our consumption. This in turn naturally leads to living a more sustainable life. Plus, as others see us living in this manner, they are also encouraged to join in.

We acknowledge that buying reusable and eco-friendly travel utensils isn’t going to save the planet on its own. If only it were that easy. Call us naïve but we believe that if each of us pitches in, the little ripples we create could build into a powerful wave of change.

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Choosing the Right Materials

There are quite a few materials that work well for eco-friendly utensils. Bamboo is our favorite but there are advantages to choosing a different material. Our top choices are bamboo, stainless steel, and titanium. Let’s go over the benefits and drawbacks of each.


We love bamboo because of its sustainability. It grows quickly, doesn’t need much water, it’s biodegradable and often compostable, and it’s affordable. We love it so much we have bamboo serving trays, chopsticks, cutting boards, bandages, bed sheets, and toilet paper. We’re even looking into replacing our carpets with bamboo flooring. So let’s set aside our obvious bias and cover why you might want to pick bamboo for sustainable cutlery.

Aside from the benefits bamboo has for sustainability it just happens to make very good utensils. It’s light, easy to clean, comfortable to eat with, and when it wears out you can dispose of it without feeling guilty.

Bamboo isn’t perfect though, there are a few minor drawbacks to consider. Bamboo isn’t as durable as metal and can wear down fairly quickly. It also might not be dishwasher safe so make sure to check the manufacturer details. They can also be a little thicker than the utensils you normally use.

Is Bamboo the Most Sustainable Material? - Going Green

Metal (Stainless Steel and Titanium)

We are going to group these because the benefits and drawbacks are very similar. They both offer excellent durability and longevity so you won’t have to replace them. They are dishwasher safe and won’t rust which makes them perfect for travel when you may not be able to wash them right away. Another advantage is that you can recycle them instead of sending them to a landfill.

As much as we love bamboo we have to admit that there aren’t a lot of drawbacks to choosing eco-friendly metals. The biggest for us is the environmental impact that mining for metals has on the planet. Another drawback is the cost. You can buy many sets of bamboo utensils for the price of a single set of stainless steel or titanium.

In the end both metal and bamboo are good choices so pick the one that most appeals to you. For both the benefits more than offset the drawbacks. We have used both stainless steel and bamboo and liked them both. As we have said we prefer bamboo but it’s more of a personal preference.

Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Eco-Friendly Cutlery

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying environmentally friendly utensils. We aren’t going to discuss the standard concerns any time you purchase online. These are things we have come across that are specific to travel utensils.

Quality and Durability

Make sure that the quality is up to your standard when buying items made from sustainable materials. Read customer reviews and make sure you are buying from a reputable merchant. There’s a reason we included our recommended retailers above. If you shop from any of them you won’t have to worry about the quality of the products. We have found this to be more of a problem with bamboo, and mostly when we have tried to save money.

Consider Portability and Convenience

When buying travel utensils keep in mind their size, bulk, and weight. Look for something compact enough to pack and carry with you on your travels. Try and get a set that comes with it’s own pouch to make it easier to carry. If you get a set that is bulky or inconvenient most likely you won’t want to bother bringing it with you. Not only would that be a waste of money, but you will probably end up using single-use plastic options instead.

Evaluating the Environmental Impact

This can be a bit difficult but try and look at the merchant’s supply chain to see if they are using sustainable practices. It’s not always easy but most green retailers will go out of their way to tell you about it. If you have to hunt for details odds are they aren’t advertising it for a reason. If you are buying bamboo in America look for USDA certified organic bamboo.

Before You Go …

We hope that this was a helpful introduction to eco-friendly travel utensils. We are big believers in making the little life changes that have big impacts and this is one of them. If you liked this article we would like to suggest checking out our Eco-Friendly Travel Tips. It’s full of simple tips to make your travels even greener. Thanks for reading and we will see you out there!

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