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Simple Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

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As a family who has traveled together many times, we know how wonderful and enriching it can be. When we visit new places, meet people with different ways of living, and make awesome memories, it makes our lives richer. But, it’s also really important to think about how our travels affect our planet. This is one of our core values as a family, and is something we want to pass on to everyone.

Being eco-friendly means making choices that are good for the Earth, especially when we travel. It’s all about being careful to not harm the places we go to or the animals and people who live there. For families with kids, traveling in an eco-friendly way is not just good for the Earth, it’s also a great chance to teach kids about taking care of our planet.

In this article, we’re going to share our thoughts and tips on how you can make your family trips more eco-friendly. We’ll cover everything from getting ready for your trip and what to pack, to where to stay and what fun activities you can do. We have tried to make these tips simple to follow but if you have questions or thoughts please let us know. Let’s jump in.

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Before we jump into the tips and tricks we wanted to share some recommended reading on being a mindful traveler.

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The Ethical Traveler: 100 Ways to Roam the World (Without Ruining It!) Travel can be a blast, but there are hidden costs to your trips that go deeper than your pockets. From potential impacts on the environment or the communities we visit to respecting others’ cultures, taking a moment to consider our choices can make a real impact on the planet and other people.

Step 1. Planning Your Trip

For many families, planning is a big part of the fun! Others, like ours like to be a bit more spontaneous. If you are just getting into being more eco-conscious when traveling it’s important to take the time to plan your trip. The choices you make while planning will have a big impact on how eco-friendly your trip turns out to be. Once you have done this a few times it will be second nature. Let’s look at how to pick places to go and decide when to travel in ways that are kind to our planet.

Choosing Eco-Friendly Destinations

Some places are like superheroes for the Earth because they work hard to take care of nature and wildlife. These spots often have lots of beautiful nature to explore and work to keep it that way. Look for places that talk about how they protect their environment, like national parks or beaches that are clean and safe for animals.

Timing and Transportation

Traveling when it’s not super busy, like avoiding the big rush during summer vacation, can be better for the Earth. It means fewer crowds and less strain on the places we visit. Also, think about how you get there. Trains, buses, or even driving in a car packed with the whole family can be more eco-friendly than flying a lot of times. If you do fly, try to pick a flight that goes straight to where you’re headed without stopping. This saves fuel and cuts down on pollution.

Tips for Eco-Friendly Trip Planning

Planning your trip with the Earth in mind doesn’t just help the planet; it can also make your adventure more special and fun. You’ll get to see amazing places and do your part to keep them beautiful for everyone.

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Step 2. Packing Smart and Green

Packing for a trip with eco-friendly essentials is like taking a little piece of your eco-conscious home with you on your journey. It’s all about choosing items that are kind to the planet, reducing waste, and minimizing your environmental footprint as you explore new places.

Start with a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated without the need for single-use plastic bottles. Add in some biodegradable toiletries like soap, shampoo, and toothpaste, which are better for the environment, especially if you’re spending time in nature. Don’t forget a set of reusable utensils and a straw, perfect for on-the-go meals without the plastic waste. Pack your items in a lightweight, durable bag made from sustainable materials. For sun protection, opt for eco-friendly sunscreen that’s reef-safe, protecting marine life while keeping your skin safe from the sun’s rays. Lastly, consider bringing a reusable shopping bag for any purchases you make, cutting down on plastic bags and making it easier to bring home souvenirs from your travels.

Eco-Friendly Packing Essentials

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Fun Packing Tips for Kids

Packing in an eco-friendly way is not just good for the Earth; it also makes your trip easier and more fun. It’s a great chance to teach kids about taking care of the planet, even when we’re on the go. So next time you’re getting ready for a family trip, remember these tips to pack smart and green!

3. Eco-Conscious Transportation Tips

When it comes to traveling, getting from here to there is a big part of the adventure. But did you know the way we choose to travel can make a big difference for the Earth? Here are some smart choices we can make to be kind to our planet while we explore.

Choosing Greener Ways to Get Around

By Choosing greener ways to get around while traveling you can enhance your journey and lessen your environmental impact. When planning your trips, consider the multitude of transportation options that align with eco-friendly practices. Trains stand out as a stellar choice, especially for covering longer distances, as they emit significantly fewer greenhouse gases per passenger mile than cars or planes. The rhythm of train travel also adds a nostalgic charm to your journey, offering panoramic views and a relaxed pace that air travel can’t match.

In urban areas, public transportation systems like buses and subways are not only efficient but also reduce the number of individual vehicles on the road, cutting down on traffic congestion and pollution. Many cities around the world are investing in cleaner, greener public transit options, making it easier and more environmentally friendly for visitors to explore.

For shorter distances or when navigating the streets of a new city, consider walking or biking. These zero-emission modes of transportation provide not only a direct connection to the local environment but also health benefits. Many destinations offer bike-sharing programs, allowing you to pick up a bicycle at one location and drop it off at another, combining convenience with sustainability.

Tips for Family Travel

Choosing eco-friendly ways to travel not only helps protect our beautiful planet but can also make our trips more fun and meaningful. It’s about enjoying the journey and knowing we’re making good choices for the environment. So, let’s pack our sense of adventure and go see the world in a way that keeps it beautiful for everyone!

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4. Choosing Eco-Friendly Accommodations

After a day full of adventures, it’s important to have a cozy place to rest. But did you know where you stay can also impact the environment? Picking places that care about our planet can make your trip even better. This topic deserves an entire series of articles but in short, here’s how to choose eco-friendly spots to stay with your family.

What Makes a Stay Eco-Friendly?

An eco-friendly stay goes beyond just a place to rest; it’s about lodging that consciously minimizes its impact on the environment and contributes positively to its local community. Several key factors play into making a stay eco-friendly, creating a sustainable and mindful travel experience.

What To Look For In Eco-Friendly Accomodations

Tips for Eco-Conscious Family Stays

Choosing where to stay with these tips in mind doesn’t just help the planet; it also can make your trip more special. Staying in a place that’s in harmony with nature can be a peaceful and unique experience, showing your kids the beauty of living an eco-friendly life. Plus, it supports businesses that are working hard to make a positive impact on the environment.

A traveler relaxing at an eco-friendly resort

5. Sustainable Activities and Adventures

When you’re on vacation, trying new activities and exploring is a big part of the fun. But did you know you can choose adventures that are good for the planet too? Here’s how to pick activities that give you and your family amazing memories while being kind to the Earth.

Shop Local/Natural

When it comes to being eco-friendly, one often-overlooked area is the products we use. While on the road, it’s easy to grab whatever is convenient or familiar, but many of these products can have a negative impact on the environment. One great way to minimize this impact is by using natural products. These products are made from ingredients that are sourced from nature and are free of synthetic chemicals. Not only do they reduce the impact on the environment, but they also provide a host of benefits for your health and well-being.

Eating Out

Eating out is one of the highlights of traveling, but it can also be a tricky area when it comes to being eco-friendly. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to make more sustainable choices when dining out. By making a little effort, you can enjoy delicious meals while also being mindful of the planet. And don’t forget to tip your server, it can make a huge difference to the livelihood of the local staff.

Go Off the Beaten Path

When it comes to travel, it’s natural to be drawn to the popular tourist hotspots. However, these overcrowded destinations often suffer from the negative impacts of overtourism. To truly experience rewarding and unique travel experiences, it’s worth considering alternative destinations, lesser-known cities, and smaller towns. By venturing off the beaten path, we not only avoid the crowds but also support local communities and reduce the burden on infrastructure. This type of travel is often called slow travel and it’s a wonderful way to embrace a travel destination in a deeper way.

Our Favorite Outdoor Adventures

A family of travelers riding bicycles in the countryside

In Conclusion

As our eco-friendly travel journey comes to a close, we hope you’re buzzing with excitement and armed with tips to make your next family adventure not only memorable but also kind to our beautiful planet. Traveling in an eco-conscious way isn’t just about seeing new places; it’s about showing respect and care for the environment and the communities we visit.

Remember, every choice we make, from the destinations we pick and the bags we pack to the places we stay and the activities we choose, has the power to leave a positive footprint on the earth. By choosing greener options, we’re not only protecting nature but also teaching our children invaluable lessons about responsibility and conservation.

So, let’s embark on our next adventure with eco-friendly practices in our hearts and minds. Together, we can make a difference, one family trip at a time, creating a ripple effect of sustainability that spans the globe. Here’s to our travels, where every step we take is a step towards a greener, more vibrant world. Safe travels, eco-warriors!

Before You Go …

Thanks for reading about eco-friendly travel, hopefully you found some of our tips helpful. Before you go we would like to recommend checking out our articles on slow travel and ecotourism. If you have any questions or comments please contact us on our social media. Safe Travels!


Q: How can I make my travel more eco-friendly?

A: You can make a difference in the environment without sacrificing anything. Follow these tips for sustainable travel: pack right, choose eco-minded accommodations, support ethical operators, practice slow travel, be respectful of local communities and wildlife, shop smart, eat responsibly, and use eco-friendly travel items.

Q: What should I pack for eco-friendly travel?

A: When packing for eco-friendly travel, consider light luggage, quick-dry and washable items, a reusable water bottle, a shopping bag, and multipurpose items like a large scarf or sarong. Also, choose sustainable travel products such as a soap bar that doubles as shampoo and conditioner.

Q: How do I choose ethical accommodations?

A: Look for eco-minded, locally-owned accommodations that avoid single-use plastics and disposable toiletries. Transparency in their efforts to reduce energy, water use, and conservation is important. Accommodations striving to become carbon-neutral or participating in ethical certifications like B Corp or the Glasgow Declaration are favorable options.

Q: How can I explore off the beaten path?

A: To explore off the beaten path, consider choosing alternative destinations, lesser-known cities, or smaller towns. Venturing into the countryside allows you to get off the beaten track and explore less crowded areas. By avoiding popular tourist areas, you can reduce the burden on local infrastructure and support local communities.

Q: How can I travel in a more environmentally-friendly way?

A: Reduce your carbon footprint by avoiding flying when possible. If you must fly, consider carbon offsetting to help reduce the impact. Getting around by walking, biking, or using public transport minimizes your carbon footprint. Choosing electric cars or train travel are also sustainable options.

Q: How can I choose responsible tour operators?

A: Look for tour operators with strong animal welfare policies and contributions to local communities. Ethical certifications like B Corp, Leave No Trace principles, or membership in 1% for the Planet are positive indicators. Responsible tour operators should demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism.

Q: How can I shop smart while traveling?

A: Support the local economy by spending money at local businesses. Specifically seek out social enterprises that provide training and employment to those in need. Purchase locally handmade products to contribute to sustainable travel and ethical shopping practices.

Q: How can I eat responsibly while traveling?

A: Be mindful of your food choices and avoid prohibited items like endangered animals and bushmeat. Opt for zero-waste and eco-friendly eateries that support sustainable food practices. Exploring local cuisine and trying traditional dishes adds to the travel experience.

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