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40+ Fun Activities to Get The Family Moving At The Next Rest Stop

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Hey there, road-tripping families! Are you gearing up for your next big adventure on the open road? We all know that long drives can be a bit of a drag, especially for our energetic little ones cooped up in the backseat. But fear not! I’ve got some super cool ideas to shake off that car-seat lethargy and get those young adventurers moving and grooving at your next rest stop.

Picture this: You’ve been cruising along the highway, tunes playing, snacks being passed around, but the kids are starting to get that restless look in their eyes. It’s the perfect time to pull over and transform a simple rest stop into a mini playground of fun! From tag to treasure hunts, I’m here to share some fantastic activities that are not only a blast but also a secret weapon to tire out those tireless tykes. So, grab your sneakers and get ready to add some extra zip to your trip! 🚗💨🌟

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Physical Activities

Here is a list of physical activities to burn energy and avoid getting stiff and sore from being in the car too long. We chose each of these activities because our family enjoyed them, they don’t require any special gear, and they don’t need any setup or cleanup. The goal was to give you some ideas that you might not have already tried and would be accessible for as many families as possible. We hope you find something perfect.

  1. Stretching Exercises: Simple stretches to ease muscle stiffness.
  2. Walk the Dog: Both a chore and a lot of fun for the kids and the dog!
  3. Tag: A classic game of chase and tag.
  4. Simon Says: Fun and interactive way to get moving.
  5. Nature Walks: Explore the area, observe flora and fauna.
  6. Jumping Jacks: Quick and effective for energizing.
  7. Yoga: Basic poses to relax and stretch.
  8. Tai Chi: Practice slow, flowing movements.
  9. Running Races: Short sprints to get the heart pumping.
  10. Hopscotch: Draw a grid with a stone or stick and play.
  11. Duck, Duck, Goose: Ideal for young kids.
  12. Leap Frog: Fun and playful for all ages.
  13. Balancing Games: Like standing on one foot contests.
  14. Tree Climbing: Where safe and permissible.
  15. Limbo: Use a stick or rope and see how low you can go.
  16. Red Light, Green Light: Great for all ages.
  17. Hide and Seek: Always a favorite with younger children.
  18. Capture the Flag: If you have enough people and space.
  19. Freeze Dance: Play music and freeze when it stops.
  20. Hacky Sack: If you have a small ball.
  21. Frisbee: Tossing a frisbee back and forth.
  22. Shadow Tag: Step on shadows instead of touching.
  23. Tug of War: Use a spare rope or long cloth.
  24. Charades: Act out various scenarios or professions.
  25. Skipping Stones: If there’s a pond or river nearby.
  26. Handstand Contests: For the more adventurous.
  27. Cartwheel Competitions: Fun gymnastic activity.
  28. Nature Scavenger Hunt: Find items from nature.
  29. Foot Races: Different styles like backward, hopping.
  30. Meditative Walks: Focus on mindful walking.
  31. Jump Rope: If you brought a rope, take turns jumping.
  32. Pilates Stretches: Basic Pilates moves.
  33. Follow the Leader: Imitate the leader’s actions.
  34. Mime Time: Act out scenarios without speaking.
  35. Dance-Off: Show off dance moves.
  36. Statues: Freeze in position when a leader says so.
  37. Blindfolded Walk: Trust exercises with a partner.
  38. Crab Walk Races: Walk like a crab, racing others.
  39. Walking Lunges: A great way to stretch the legs.
  40. Cloud Watching: Lie on your back and relax.
  41. Animal Imitations: Hop like a frog, walk like a crab.
  42. Deep Breathing Exercises: For relaxation and focus.

Bonus Activity Ideas

When we made our list of activities, we didn’t include ones that needed special setup. But as our kids got older, we started to bring along games like cornhole that are easy to set up. These games were a big hit, sometimes they even put down their phones lol. If you’re traveling with older kids, we think it’s a good idea to bring a game like the ones below to get them engaged.

Before You Go …

Hopefully you now have a whole bunch of ideas on ways to help your little ones burn off all that energy at the next roadside stop. Before you go we would like to recommend you check out our article on road trip games. It lists our families favorite games to play on road trips.Thanks for checking us out, have a great drive and we will see you on the road!

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