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Rev Up the Fun: Exciting Road Trip Trivia Games for Adults!

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Ready to take your next road trip to the next level of fun and excitement? Look no further! In this article, we’re diving headfirst into one of the ways our family makes road trips exciting. Now that our children are older many of the games we used to play no longer hold their interest. Lately, we have started playing trivia games on road trips and that has worked wonders. So today we are covering our picks for the best road trip trivia games for adults and older teens.

Long hours in the car fly by as we explore a variety of engaging and challenging trivia games. Whether you’re a trivia aficionado or just looking for a fresh way to pass the time on the open road, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to rev up the adventure and make unforgettable memories on your next journey!

A group of friends on a road trip playing trivia games

Key Takeaways

DIY Trivia Games

Want some options for fun trivia games that don’t require any preparation? These games just require your imagination and some brain power. We covered more road trip games like this a while back, but these games follow the trivia theme. You can probably think of many similar games pretty easily so we won’t bore you by listing out all the variations.

The one downside to these games is that everyone playing needs to be good at thinking up trivia questions. It’s a lot harder than you might think and many times we come up blank and the game grinds to a stop. If this is something you’re good at consider us impressed.

  1. State Trivia: Asking Questions from A to Z. Get ready for an exciting DIY trivia game that’ll take you on a journey across the USA. It’s simple – ask questions about different states for each letter of the alphabet. For example, ‘Which state has the Grand Canyon?’ It’s a fun way to learn cool facts about states and keep everyone entertained during your road trip. Get set to explore America’s states as you travel!
  2. Music Guessing Game: Who’s the Tune Guru? Calling all music fans this is a family favorite. We simply surf radio channels looking for songs and the challenge is to name the song and artist. Bonus points for getting the album name. If you want to put in some prep, create a playlist with short song snippets from different music styles.

4 Best Trivia Card Games For the Car

We have now amassed a large collection of trivia card games and take them with us whenever we go on road trips. They’re compact and perfect for car play. Our top choices are listed below but there are dozens of similar games you can try out. We recommend keeping an eye out at garage sales and thrift stores for cheap games.

  1. Trivial Pursuit. The classic favorite that needs no introduction. Test your trivia skills in various categories and compete with your fellow travelers to see who can collect the most wedges. When we play in the car we don’t worry about wedges, we take turns asking questions. If your group is competitive you can keep score for most correct answers.
  2. Road Trip America. Embark on a virtual cross-country journey, answering questions related to American history, geography, and culture. It’s like a road trip within a road trip!
  3. Ultimate Pub Trivia. Bring the spirit of the pub to your car with this trivia game. Challenge your road trip buddies with questions ranging from sports to pop culture to history.
  4. Word Teasers. This game combines trivia with wordplay, making it perfect for those who love a good brain teaser. It’s all about connecting words and ideas while having a blast.
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WORD TEASERS Road Trip America Road Trip Game & Conversation Starter - Family Trivia Game About Places to Visit in The United States - Conversation Cards/Travel Car Games - 150 Questions

4 Best Trivia Game Apps For Road Trips

There is no sense fighting the digital age so we might as well embrace it. These 4 trivia game apps are great for playing on road tips. They will keep you and your fellow travelers engaged, challenged, and entertained on your journey.

  1. In our opinion this is the best road trip entertainment app and we’re not getting paid to say that. The biggest reason is because it’s specifically made for use in the car. It’s fun, interactive, and works hands free. This means the driver can be just as involved as everyone else. It also has an offline mode, perfect for driving to out-of-the-way places.
  2. Jeopardy! World Tour. I’m sure we don’t have to tell you what Jeopardy! is and this mobile game does a good job of delivering what you expect. It’s not made for road trips, but with the help of a passenger it works great. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the show or new to the world of trivia, Jeopardy! World Tour offers an exciting and educational gaming experience that spans the globe.
  3. Popcorn Trivia. The movie lovers in the car will love this game but it’s accessible enough that everyone can play. So test your knowledge of cinema with their many trivia challenges. The app will even give movie recommendations based on your quiz results.
  4. SongPop 2: Guess the Song Game. Like the guess the song game we mentioned before but in app form and with many more features. This app will provide hours of fun for everyone as they try to guess the song. You can create custom playlists to challenge your fellow travelers with as well.

Note: You can also find YouTube videos and channels but we haven’t found one we love enough to recommend. Here is an example of what we found though in case it is something you would be interested in.

5 Hours of Trivia Questions - Mixed Categories! Easy to play while driving in the car! - Road Tripvia

3 Best Trivia Podcasts

If you enjoy listening to podcasts, trivia podcasts can be a great way to pass the time during a road trip. These podcasts feature entertaining hosts, challenging trivia questions, and interesting discussions. If you love podcasts you should check out our recommendations for the best outdoor and camping podcasts.

  1. Podquiz offers a weekly dose of trivia with five rounds of questions. Each round covers a different topic, allowing you to discover new facts and challenge your knowledge. Hosted by James Carter, this podcast is perfect for trivia fans seeking variety.
  2. Trivia Rogue is a podcast that’s a perfect blend of quizzes, fascinating topics, trivia game reviews, and plenty of laughter. Join our hosts, Billy, Don, Jeff, and Shana, as they guide you on a journey through the world of trivia, all aimed at making you not only a better player but also a better person…
    Triviality combines trivia with humor and camaraderie as the hosts engage in witty banter and share interesting trivia nuggets. Each episode features different trivia games and special guest appearances. Hosted by Neal, Jeff, Matt, and Ken, this podcast is a must-listen for trivia enthusiasts.

Before You Go …

Now that you have hundreds of hours (at least) of highly entertaining road trip trivia games for adults we want to make another recommendation to make your road trips even better. We have written a guide with over 40 fun activities that you can do at any roadside rest stop. When driving long distances it’s important to get out from time to time and get a little exercise. It will break up your trip and make the whole thing go faster.

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